Reston Pediatrics is closely monitoring the evolving situation regarding the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

Most likely at this point you’ve had an abundance of information about the virus, the risks, and where to access more information. In light of the arrival of COVID-19 in the U.S., the recent announcement of the National State of Emergency Declaration, and Virginia Schools closure, we would like to let you know what we are doing to fight the Coronavirus.

We are actively monitoring the situation with Federal, State, and County guidelines. More information available here:
CDC – COVID-2019
VA Department of Health
Loudoun County – Coronavirus

The Loudoun County and Fairfax County Health Departments have a public information line for further questions regarding the Coronavirus.
703-737-8300 for questions from Loudoun County residents.
703-267-3511 for questions from Fairfax County residents.

As this is an ever-changing situation, we will not be able to send out continuous updated protocols, but rest assured that we are following the CDC and Virginia Department of Health guidelines and working with these organizations to best protect and care for our patients and their families.

We continue to request that any patient presenting with a

fever and/or respiratory symptoms in the last two weeks to please contact us by phone before coming into the office.

We also want to remind you to wash your hands frequently for at least

20 seconds. We recommend the CDC Flu Prevention Guidelines for additional suggestions.

Although this is a serious health matter, we urge you not to panic, but to take precaution measures to protect you and your family members. Please call us if you have concerns that ought to be addressed by a doctor. Together, we will fight COVID-19!

– The RPA Family

Additional steps RPA is taking include:
• Designated separate exam rooms for well visits and sick visits.
• Deep cleaning/disinfecting in addition to our regular nightly cleaning.
• Sanitizing commonly touched surfaces at least every hour to keep them as germ-free as possible, including:
• both waiting rooms – all chairs and surfaces
• the check-in counters
• the elevator buttons (inside and outside)
• door handles
• light switches
• telephones
• equipment
• furniture
• restrooms
• all other counter tops
• and other common surfaces

• Ensuring that alcohol-based hand sanitizer is readily available throughout the building
and in the common areas
• We have removed all books from the exam rooms
• We have removed the stickers from the check-out area. (Your child can still ask for a sticker, and one will be handed to them)
• Established ongoing disinfecting protocols after each patient appointment

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